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The Institute of Administrative Sciences at Tbilisi State University has been established, bringing new opportunities for students and staff. The aim of the institute is to support the development of administrative sciences and practice, and provide recommendations based on scientific studies in the field of public administration.  Within the framework of both national and international cooperation the Institute of Administrative Sciences is a result of the many years of cooperation between Tbilisi State University and the German Speyer University of Administrative Sciences.

Many problems illustrate the fragility of Georgia’s food security food dependency and the lack of self-sufficiency.  The principle issues include weak institutional and legal frameworks regulating food ; no national strategy on food safety and quality; ineffective monitoring services; the diminishing share of agriculture within the total GDP stemming from decreasing agricultural production; low awareness by consumers on food security issues; lack of skilled staff; and the lack of risk management in the food chain.  These conclusions were made by TSU Professor Eka Lekashvili according to the results of her research “Concerning the Issue of a Food Security Strategy.” The goal of the research was to identify problematic sectors and identify solutions. The research was conducted in 2011-2012 and results submitted within local and international conferences.

Overcoming global economic crises and ensuring sustainable economic revival are some of the most important issues among modern economic problems at both the global and local level. To find innovative ways to overcome these problems has been the key goal of the research “Global Welfare Improvement – The Necessity for Innovative Approaches in Global Trade” conducted by Ia Natsvlishvili, Associate Professor at the TSU Faculty of Economics and Business and PhD in Economics.  Professor Natsvlishvili developed the research project in 2011-2012 while working at George Washington University in the St. Louis, with the support of the Open Society Foundation scholarship.

The University of Rome’s “Tor Vergata” School of Economics hosted a conference “Contradictions in Public Management in Volatile Times” in April 2012.  Scientists from 69 counties participated and their works were published as a collection.  This included a study by Rusudan Seturidze, Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Technologies in Economics and Business at the TSU Faculty of Economics and Business.   The study was entitled “Reforms of the Customs System of Georgia and their Contradictions”, and it was co-authored by Eka Lekashvili, Associate Professor at the Department of Economic Policy.