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Journal Number: 5

The development of tourism is considered an utmost priority for Georgia, however its economic role has never been adequately evaluated.  Prior to research such as that carried out by TSU scholar Professor Maia Margvelashvili, there had been no methodology to evaluate this process. Head of the Tourism Department at TSU, Dr. Margvelashvili, took the initiative of establishing a methodology. In 2011, Dr. Margvelashvili won a Fulbright Scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to enable her to carry out research in the USA. During her stay at the University of South Carolina (Columbia) College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, she worked on a project entitled Studies of the Methodology of the Economic Impact of Travel and Tourism.  In addition to her research activities, Dr. Margvelashvili’s visit to the University of South Carolina had other positive outcomes such as plans to establish a joint MA program for 2014-2015, for student and staff exchange programs between the University of South Carolina and TSU.

With globalization it becomes increasingly important to protect citizens against the influx of unfamiliar foods which may be poor in quality and unhealthy—or may even present a danger for public health. The increasing amounts of unsafe, falsified, genetically modified and other foodstuffs can have adverse effects on the environment, on economic development and on human health.

The social marketing concept emerged in the 1970s and has developed over the decades into a popular subject in marketing. It is even called the “21st century’s philosophy of business management”. The key goal of social marketing is to focus on the solution of problems to social, ecological and public welfare issues, none of which were included in the “classic” goals of marketing. The concept envisages powerful social mechanisms to ensure the unity of interests of business and the public requirements for achieving consumer welfare.  The concept has grown in Georgia over the last two years.

In Georgia there are few, if any, studies that explore the philosophical or psychological aspects of law. A recent publication by a TSU Professor of Law is thus a milestone event in the development of Georgian jurisprudence. The main topic of the work addresses the individual and the law.

Besarion Zoidze is Full Professor at the TSU Faculty of Law, with a PhD in Law.  He has completed a 250-page book uniting 93 essays, entitled “For the Cognition of the Practical Existence of Law: Primarily in the Context of Human Rights”. It was published by the TSU Publishing House in 2013.   “Mr. Zoidze’s research seeks answers to fundamental issues of law and, generally, to human social coexistence. It prompts us to ask new questions rather than to fall under the influence of already existing answers, without unleashing any criticism,” said the Editor of the book, Professor Giorgi Khubua.