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According to Georgian doctors dental caries and periodontal infections are the most common somatic microbial diseases in the adult population, and are due to etiological causes and other factors. Mamuka (Vladimer) Margvelashvili, PhD in Medicine and Head of the Department of Dental and Face and Jaw Surgery at the TSU Faculty of Medicine, supervised research on these issues in 2013-14. The study was carried out with Manana Kalandadze, PhD in Medicine, Associate Professor of the Department, and with Lela Tsitaishvili, PhD in Medicine.

In addition to organic and inorganic compounds, 20 chemical microelements are vital for the healthy life of a human being and other living organisms; one of them is bivalent manganese. Its presence in the human organism determines the functioning of a number of processes such as the intensification of enzyme-catalyzed reactions, in the organic metabolism (albuminous ferments), reproductive glands, the musculoskeletal system, nerve cell membranes and the nervous system as well as blood cleansing. The Laboratory of Experimental Neurology at I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine and the Department of Pathology at the TSU Faculty of Medicine began a study in January 2013, to continue until December 2016.

A study on viticulture, wine making and diversification opportunities in Georgia started in 2011, to identify the challenges to farming and viticulture and prospects for diversification. Farming has an important role in the economic structure of the EU countries and it is vital to develop models for Georgia that comply with European requirements and with worldwide experience. The research team studied European experiences and models in winemaking and viticulture and developed recommendations for adapting diversification models according to Georgian reality.

Assessing Georgia’s economic competitiveness and identifying the obstacles blocking competitiveness have been the two main focal points for economic scholars at TSU, as the competitiveness index determines investor attitudes and consequently the country’s real economic prospects. Therefore, in 2009 Associate Professor Gulnaz Erkomaishvili at the Faculty of Economics and Business began a study to determine which tools are necessary, and what means are available, to put economic policies in place and raise national competitiveness.