For International Students

Dear international student,

We hope that this letter finds you well in these challenging times!
We’re reaching you today to share some important information related to the start and organization of the upcoming Fall 2020 academic semester at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University [TSU].
As you may have noticed due to the Covid-19 pandemic that the world is combating in the past few months now, TSU had to make significant changes in its operations and plans, including but not limited to the on-campus activities, student life and modes of delivering the academic content. The Academic Year 2020-21 at TSU will start on September 14th, 2020. This will be carried out using a blended learning approach in which one portion of the academic programs will be delivered online, while another portion will be held on campus within small groups’ learning sessions and activities.
As we are informed approximately 30-35 % of the international students of Faculty of Medicine, TSU are in Georgia (Tbilisi). At the same time, we’re aware that as an international student you may have returned to your home country during the summer break, therefore we’re writing to inquire about your plans with regard to physical presence in Tbilisi during the upcoming Fall semester. Here are two available scenarios:

1. In case you plan to return to Tbilisi, please make sure that you’re back on time to join the on campus teaching at the start of the semester on September 14th. Given the current epidemiological circumstances and regulations thereto, this means that you’ll have to land/arrive in Tbilisi at least 13 days before the semester start date, so that you have enough time to go through the state mandated quarantine of 12 days. Please bear in mind that all expenses related to travel, health insurance, the quarantine and before and after Covid-19 testing should be covered by yourself; please check carefully the government website on the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus in Georgia and make sure that you adhere strictly to all the regulations announced. TSU can help you in finding a hotel that has obtained government approval for the hosting of internationals for quarantine purposes. If you plan to return to Tbilisi and require assistance in the realization of the above-mentioned, please register here.

2. In case you experience difficulties in entering Georgia by the start of semester, please register here. We allow you to participate in the studies via online tools. Faculty of Medicine stands ready to address and resolve all necessary matters for your online attendance. In this case we will organize the practical trainings (in clinical courses) later, with the accelerated mode. One way or another, please adhere strictly to the deadlines of covering any outstanding debt from the previous semester(s) and deposit required study fee of the upcoming semester to TSU’s bank account before the start of the semester.
In case you’ll be returning to Tbilisi before the start of the semester, you are expected to cover the previous studies debt (if any) as well as the Fall semester fee by visiting corresponding bank branches in Tbilisi. In case of any doubt on your financial status as a student at TSU please contact us at
If you’re unable to return to Tbilisi before the start of the semester, please use the bank details provided in the “additional information” of this letter, to deposit all outstanding amounts, that is previous studies debt (if any) as well as the Fall semester fee. While making the transfer, please make sure to add any extra bank charges associated with the international bank transfer (the amount of such charges is determined by the transfer executing bank). In case you’re unsure of financial status as a student at TSU, please, contact If your home bank requires more information from TSU’s financial office please contact ( Marika Shonia, phone: 568822726).
Only those of you who’ll have their financial status cleared before the start of the semester will be allowed to join our academic activities, both on campus and online.
In case you’re unable to join the semester and intend to freeze your student’s status for a semester or more, please register here.

With our best wishes from TSU

Additional information:

Price for the quarantine hotel ranges from 60 to 100 GEL per night (duration of the quarantine – 12 nights)
Price for the PCR testing ranges from GEL 50 to GEL 100
It is mandatory to own a local health and accident insurance covering among other things the Covid related treatment. Minimum duration of the insurance policy is 6 months and the price range is USD 10 to USD 15 per month per user.

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Beneficiary’s bank:
Beneficiary: Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
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