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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
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Associate Professor at TSU Faculty of Economics and Business and author of over 30 scientific works and co-author of a microeconomics textbook. Research scholarship was funded by the U.S. Department of State and Open Society Institute, has participated with US universities and –through international projects--with universities in France, Austria, England and other European
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Doctor of Geography, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, TSU Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences.  She is a Member of the Geographical Society of Georgia and on the Editorial Board of Caucasus Geographical Journal and Geography of Georgia,  and the Georgian National Atlas (2012). She is coordinator of Junior Geographical School at TSU
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Director of the High Energy Physics Institute at Tbilisi State University; Doctor of Physics and Math. Sciences, Professor; Winner of the American Physics Society prize, of the Join Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna) award and the Georgian National prize; Under his leadership the High Energy Physics Institute collaborates with the Jülich Research Center; Heads
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