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TSU - the first university in the Caucasus. The century-old tradition of research and teaching. Established in 1918.
Journal "TSU Science" № 8

At Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) reserach is conducted on the basis of seven faculties and 16 research institutes. During 2017, TSU obtained 102 research grants, including eight international grants.

Journal "TSU Science" № 7

The 7th edition of a scientific journal TSU Science was released at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (TSU) in December 2015. The journal traditionally offers its readers a part of research studies conducted at TSU during a year. This time, the edition starts with the discovery on Grakliani Hill. The ancient inscription discovered as a result of archaeological diggings may become the beginning of a new era not only for Georgian history. In addition, the journal offers materials about TSU’s role and place in the university rankings; Anthim Iverianul Georgian-European Dialogue; the Gelati Bible with Catenas; psychologists will tell you about the Indicators of Post-Traumatic Growth and Psychological Well-Being in Life Stories, as well as Citizenship Styles in Georgia...

Journal "TSU Science" № 6

In 2014 TSU Science was issued in two independent editions - in Georgian and English languages. This edition contains articles about research activities ongoing at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In particular, it contains articles on the following topics: Interfacial Bionanoscience at Tbilisi State University: Achievements and Perspectives for Georgia; The Impact of Madneuli Mining on the Soil and Water of the Bolnisi Region; The Comet Experiment at J-PARC: A Step towards Solving the Muon Enigma; The Ecological Condition of the Black Sea – Assessments by TSU Scientists; Food and Vegetation in Kartli in the 5th – 4th CC BC; Findings on Grakliani Hill; The German Way of Life in the Caucasus; The Iviron Monastery during the Ottoman Empire; Laffer-Keynesian Synthesis and Macroeconomic Equilibrium; The Stock Market in Georgia: The Current Reality and An Uncertain Future...

Journal "TSU Science" № 5

The fifth edition of TSU Science was issued in December 2013. Here you can read the following articles: Georgian Mamluks in Egypt and Georgian Monasterial Commune in Palestine; Platonic Traditions – The Mirror in which We See Ourselves; Ethnology - A Discipline for Resolving Ethnic Conflict; The Georgian School System’s Enormous Challenges; The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Mental Disorders; Social Media Development Trends in Georgia; Laser Thermonuclear Synthesis; Cellular Mechanisms of Parenchymal Organ Regeneration; Evaluating the Possibilities for Methane Extraction from Tkibuli-Shaori Coal Seams; The Experience of the State of South Carolina for the Development of Tourism in Georgia...

Journal "TSU Science" № 4

The fourth edition of TSU Science issued in July 2013 provides information about ongoing research activities at TSU. In particular, you can read the following articles: The Effects of Stress on the Cellular Metabolism of the Brain; TSU Scientists Develop Artificial Perfusion Systems; Muslim Meskhetians – Integration or Separation?; Georgia Presents Versions of Shahnameh; The Embryo’s Right to Life in Georgia and the World; Non-Traditional Proton Transfer Reaction Mechanisms; Magnetic Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications; A Scientific Basis for Georgian State Border Demarcation; Georgian Palimpsest Manuscripts; Georgian Food Security Strategy; Customs Reforms Examined by a Georgian Scientist...

Journal "TSU Science" № 3

In the edition issued in December 2012 readers can view articles on the following topics:  Contribution of TSU Scholars in Determining the Algebraic Operations of Geometrical Figures; Generations and Values; The Socio-Cultural Environment of International Business in Georgia; Impact of manganese-polluted environment on children’s health; Geo-Ecological Features of Georgia; The Introduction, Study and Analysis of Trial by Jury; Georgian Coins of the 12th Century – Symbols of Tolerance; Georgian Media Coverage of HIV/AIDS issues, stigma and discrimination; The History of the Caucasus as Preserved in Georgian Sources; The Influence of Bacteriophages and Antibiotics on Bacteria – Georgian Scientific Research...

Journal "TSU Science" № 2

The second edition of TSU Science was issued in July 2012. It contains the following articles: Peculiarities of Georgian National Identity; Combating Smog in Tbilisi; Scientists Create Comprehensive Data Base of Georgian Facing Stones; Fighting Organized Crime in Georgia; Stigma – A Negative Sign Distinguishing Us from Others; TSU Scientists’ Consumer Marketing Research; Georgia’s Fight Against Pain; Important Steps Taken to Establish the TSU Institute of Mediation; Polish, Romanian and Georgian Youth Comment on Europeanization; Studying the Hierarchy of Society’s Economic Interests, etc. The journal is bilingual and provides information in Georgian and English.

Journal "TSU Science" № 1

The first edition of TSU Science was issued in December 2011. The scientific journal contains articles about research activities ongoing at the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Here you can read the following articles: Many Suns Instead of One - A new-type solar energy concentrator created by the scientists from TSU; The Ideal Tax Burden; Fight against AIDS epidemic: Georgia’s experience; Georgian Physicists’ Paths from Tbilisi State University to CERN; Industrial Waste – For Protection of Cultural Heritage; The Secret of Georgian Wine; Threats of Ethno-Terrorism; Georgian Literature in European Sciences; Ethnic Identities and civil Integration in Georgia; Archaeological Expeditions at Tbilisi State University, etc.