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The year of 2012 was announced as an anniversary date of one of the greatest poets, Hakim Abul-Qasim Ferdowsi Tusi (940-1020) and his immortal literary masterpiece, Shahnameh.  This “Book of Kings’’ is based on historical chronicles of Persian kings, epic works, mythological stories and legends.  In addition to historical information, the book contains fragments of folklore, some extracts of which were written as early as the Sasanian Period (224-651).

A palimpsest is a manuscript page from which the text has been scraped or washed off and which can be used again. The first layer of the parchment as well as the second one are lisible, making it possible to access older sources of biblical texts. Georgian palimpsests are preserved in museums in Georgia and abroad, including European university libraries.

In 2010 Shalva Tabatadze, Doctoral candidate at the TSU Faculty of Humanities, studied the “Factors Determining the Efficiency of Bilingual Education Program in Georgian Reality”. That was just the year that the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia launched multilingual education reforms, under which non-Georgian language schools would have begun reforms on their own curricula and would start multilingual education programs. Shalva Tabatadze decided to address the question of whether non-Georgian language schools were indeed ready to implement strong multilingual education programs.

Before the late Middle Ages, religion was an integral part of the state, then a process of separation began, and by the 20th century--an era of globalization and technical development--these two phenomena have become completely separated from each other in Western countries. Despite the assumption that globalization and technical development would phase out religion, however, the opposite happened. The more research is carried out on the relationship of religion and secularism, the more questions are raised.