George Kiknadze

George Kiknadze served as the ninth Rector of Tbilisi State University (1937-1938).   He was born in 1902 and in 1930, he graduated from the Tbilisi State University, receiving a degree in economy from the faculty of Social Economics.    In 1934, George Kiknadze continued post-graduate work at the Communist Institute of Higher Education in Moscow. In 1937, he defended the dissertation and was awarded a scientific degree – Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.   
George Kiknadze published various works on the issues of pedagogy: Essays of the School History of Soviet Georgia, Issues of Raising Communist Morality in Schoolchildren, Raising Pupils with the spirit of Soviet Patriotism and Social Internationalism, Scientific-Atheistic  Education in the Soviet Schools, The Tasks of  school during the Great Patriotic War, The 20th Anniversary of Tbilisi State University.      During his term as rector, the 20th anniversary of TSU was widely celebrated across the country.   After leaving the rector’s office, George  served as People’s Commissar for Education (1938-1944) and as Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgian SSR (1944-1952). George Kiknadze passed away on September 3, 1963.