Innovative Projects in TSU

  1. Ecological Gas-Analysis using a new type of Quartz Vibrating Reed
  3. Hydrophobization  of Buildings and Historical Monuments
  4. Burn Resistant Materials and Coatings
  5. Manufacture of ‘’Siliconorganic Compounds’’
  6. Development of Polymer Coating Materials to maintain long-term shelf-life of citrus fruit
  7. New Backfill Systems for Extraction of the Oil
  8. Covering Materials  (Project comprises manufacturing facing coatings from natural (porous) stones.
  9. Active Fillers for Composite Materials
  10. Buried Objects Detection and Discrimination: Combining Fast, Accurate and Physically Complete Forward and Inverse Models for UXO Identification Problems
  11. New Types of PCS Antennas and Program Package for Antenna Design
  12. Control of  Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Properties by Radical Beam Quasiepitaxy Method
  13. New Type of Fertilizer for Development of Agrochemical Production