Student Life

Student Life at Tbilisi State University (TSU)

We believe that the student experience is made unique through the activities and programs outside of the classroom. Whether you want to join one of the programs or are interested in starting a new group, provide the TSU self-government with the necessary information and get involved right away. The experience of the world leading universities shows that participation in out-of-the-class activities supports students’ success and graduate rates.

The mission of the TSU Student self-government is to represent and serve the needs of Tbilisi State University students in their pursuit of educational, political, ideological, activist and humanitarian needs. Founded in 2006, the student self-government is dedicated to the principles of unity and believes that the student’s needs are best defined and communicated by the students themselves.

Being active in student self-government helps to build your own leadership skills as well as being a voice of TSU students. As members of the student self-government students have the opportunity to obtain valuable experience participating in various activities in and outside TSU.

The Student self-government is administered by the following bodies: 1. The common council of the self-government, 2. The president of the self-government, 3. The executive  chamber of the self-government; 4. The departments of the self-government; 5. The faculty councils of the self-government. The highest decision making body within the student self-government is the President.

Currently, the TSU student self-government is at a point where it can make a serious impact by assisting the University in coping with the challenges of the changing environment. The self-government currently manages the following departments and services: Education and Science, Sport and Culture, Tourism, Student Rights and Public Relations.

Department of Education and Science projects and organizes debates, discussions, meetings, trainings, intellectual games, conferences and other activities.

Department of Culture plans and arranges theatrical, cultural, creative and other related activities as well as meetings with the celebrities for TSU students.

Department of Sport arranges competitions in different sporting activities, collaborates with the Department of Sport of the Ministry of Culture, Monuments Protection and Sports and also with the Sports Federation of Georgia.

Department of Tourism plans and organizes excursions and trips for students.

Department for the Protection of Students' Rights secures the protection of students’ rights. 

Department of Public Relations is the publicity body of the student self-government, which deals with journalists, advertises and wider public.