Educational programs conducted in foreign languages

Bachelor’s Degree
1.    Computer Sciences (in French language)
2.    Caucasiology (in Russian language)   
3.    Russian Philology (in Russian language)   
4.    Journalism (in Russian language) 

Master’s Degree
1.    Economics, ISET (in English Language)
2.    Tourism and Hospitality Management (in English language)
3.    Public Management (in English language)
4.    European Studies (interfaculty, in English language)
5.    Gender (interdisciplinary , in English language)
6.    Transformation in South Caucasus (in English language)
7.    Medical Molecular Biology (in English language)
8.    Public Administration (in English language, with Georgian components)

Doctor’s Degree
1.   European Literature (in French language)
2.   Law (in German language)
3.   Tourism and Hospitality Management (in English language)
4.   Economics (in English language)
5.   Environmental Fluid Mechanics (in English language)
6.   Computer Sciences (in English language)