Ivane Vashakmadze

Ivane Vashakmadze was as the fifth  Rector of  the university from 1930 to 1931.  He was born in the village Akhalsakdar, Ozurgeti district. He completed the first basic levels of education in his village and later transferred to the Ozurgeti elementary school and the special school for Humanities.    In 1926, Ivane graduated from Moscow State University and undertook postgraduate program at the Institute of Philosophy in the USSR Academy of Sciences.  After graduation, he worked in the same institute as a Scientist-researcher and as the Scientific Secretary in the division of Historical Materialism and taught courses in Dialectical and Historical Materialism at other universities in Moscow.   
After returning to Georgia, I. Vashakmadze was elected as a Professor in the faculty of Dialectical Materialism and later became a Professor and Doctor in Philosophical Sciences.  At various times I. Vashakmadze also worked as a Deputy of People’s Commissar for Education of Georgia, and Director of Kirov Trans Caucasian Institute of Industry.   In 1934, he was granted a membership of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences -- Georgian branch.   In addition to editing  a number of works by  K. Marx, F. Engels and V. Lenin for publication in the Georgian language, he  also  published many research articles  on the topic of Dialectical and Historical Materialism.    Ivane Vashakmadze was shot in 1937.