Malakia Toroshelidze

Malakia Toroshelidze served as the fourth Rector of Tbilisi State University between 1928 and 1930.   Prior to his position as Rector,  Malakia  held in a variety of prominent positions in Georgia.   In the years after the 1917 Revolution, he was an editorial board member of Bolshevik newspapers Brdzola and Kavkazski Rabochi.   During 1921 and 1922 Malakia Toroshelidze served as a Chairman of People’s Commissariat for Agriculture of Georgia and later as Chairman of Central Union (1922-1924).     Later he  served  as the Chairman of the Planning Committee,  Chairman of the Council of People Commissars, the Director of Tbilisi Branch of Marx-Engels-Lenin Institute,  the chairperson of the Union of Soviet Writers (1934-1935) and the  People’s Commissar for Education in 1936.
M. Toroshelidze was born on March 15, 1880 in the village Skhvava, Ambrolauri district.  In 1910, he graduated from the University of Geneva, faculty of law.   After graduation, Malakia returned to Tbilisi and embarked on revolutionary activities which led to several prominent governmental positions.   Malakia Toroshelidze  was shot in 1938.