George Dzotsenidze

George Dzotsenidze served as the Rector of Tbilisi State University from 1958 to 1959.
George Dzotsenidze was born in Kutaisi on February 10, 1910.   In 1925, he graduated high school and continued his studies at Tbilisi State University.  While a student, Alexander Tvalchrelidze invited him to work as a laboratory assistant in the faculty of Mineralogy-Petrography. After graduation in 1929, he began postgraduate studies at Tbilisi State and  directed geological field parties that investigated different types of valuable fossil deposits, including arsenic of Upper Racha and Lower Svaneti, antimonite of Upper Svaneti, Sulfur-Kolchedan in Adjara, and poly-metals, barite, and phosphorus in different parts of Georgia.   Although Dzotsenidze had multidimensional scientific interests, the main field of his studies was paleo-vulcanology and sedimentary rocks.
In 1957-1959 G. Dzotsenidze served as the Head of the faculty of Mineralogy-Petrography. He became a member the Georgian SSR Academy of Sciences, Academician (1955), Academician of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1968) and Vice-President of Georgian SSR Academy of Sciences.   George Dzotsenidze passed away on May 5, 1976.