Karlo Oragvelidze

Karlo Oragvelidze was born in the village Shukhuti, Lanchkhuti district in 1902. He received higher education in Moscow at the Sverdlovski University.
From June 1935 to June 1937, he served as the rector of the Tbilisi State University. During his term of office, Karlo Oragvelidze “distinguished himself” by having given a talk “For the Issue of Georgian History” at the Council of the faculty of History on March 23, 1936. The main objective of the talk was to criticize and destroy the founder of the university – Ivane Javakhishvili as a historian.   Karlo Oragvelidze is the author of various works about Marxist-Leninist theories and the History of the Communist Party. Karlo Oragvelidze was shot in 1937.