Giorgi Khubua

Giorgi Khubua was born in the village of Ushapati of the Senaki district on January 7, 1964. In 1985, he graduated from the Abkhazian State University, the faculty of law and in 1990 (1987-1990) he completed postgraduate studies in Theory of State and Law at the Tbilisi State University.
Giorgi Khubua is a Professor and Doctor of Legal Science.
In 1991-1998, Giorgi Khubua served as a research fellow at the Institute of State and Law of the Georgian Academy of Sciences.
From 1998, he served as the deputy director of the same university.
From 1999 – Director of the Institute of Law
From 2005 – Professor of Law Methods, Philosophy of Law and Sociology of Law
2006-2010 – Rector of the Tbilisi State University
Giorgi Khubua is the author of over 40 scientific works, 7 monographs and a textbook among them.
Giorgi Khubua is a member of the European Society for Legislative Support, the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy as well as the International Association of Political Sciences.