Nodar Amaglobeli

Nodar Amaglobeli, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, was born in Tbilisi on August 24, 1930 in the family of a servant. In 1948, he enrolled in the Faculty of Physics and after graduation in 1953 he embarked on the postgraduate studies at the Institute of Physics. During the postgraduate studies, N. Amaglobeli was assigned to the laboratory of nuclear issues at the Joint Institute for Research (JINR) in Dubna, Moscow Oblast.
In 1957-1962, Nodar Amaglobeli worked as a research fellow at the Institute of Physics of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. In 1962, he defended the dissertation and obtained a scientific degree of candidate of sciences in physics and mathematics. Nodar Amaglobeli was a valuable member of TSU team from 1962. In various years, he served at the Laboratory of Cybernetics; he was the Head of the Laboratory of High Energy Physics, the Director of the Institute of High Energy Nuclear Physics, the Deputy Rector in the field of scientific work, etc.
At the same time, N. Amaglobeli was engaged in intensive scientific activities; he was systemically participating in international scientific conferences and symposiums (USA, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, etc). In 1976, N. Amaglobeli was awarded Petre Melikishvili Prize for the cycle of studies on strange particles emerged by interaction of mesons with protons and carbon nuclei. In 1985, he was awarded Georgian State Prize in Science and Technology for the discovery and study of new narrow baryon resonance.
In 1975, N. Amaglobeli successfully defended the doctoral dissertation; in 1979, he was elected a corresponding member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences and in 1988 – an academician.
Academician Nodar Amaglobeli is a recognized researcher of elementary particles and experimental nuclear physics and the author of more than 150 scientific works many of which have been issued in prestigious international scientific publications. Since 1992, Nodar Amaglobeli has been a Plenipotentiary Representative of Georgia to Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR). For the contribution made to JINR, Nodar Amaglobeli was awarded ‘Order of Friendship’ by the Russian Federation in 1998.
In 1985-1991, Nodar Amaglobeli served as the Rector of the Tbilisi State University.
Nodar Amaghlobeli has received a number of prizes, among them Order of Honor, for his scientific-pedagogic and social-political activities.