Roin Metreveli

Roin Metreveli was born in a settlement of Abastumani of the Adigeni district on December 7, 1939. In 1962 Roin Metreveli graduated from the Faculty of History of the Tbilisi State University with honors.  
During his bachelor studies, Roin Metreveli published more than 10 scientific essays, including a monograph ’Ekvtime Takaishvili‘(co-author – Sh. Badridze). In 1965 R. Metreveli defended the candidate dissertation on ’State Reforms in Georgia of the First Quarter of the XII Century‘.  Since then, he has been delivering lectures at the Tbilisi State University; in 1969 he became an associate professor at the Department of Georgian History.  
In 1972, R. Metreveli was appointed a deputy editor (editor – I. Abashidze, poet-academician) of the Georgian Soviet Encyclopedia. R. Metreveli and I. Abashidze have significantly contributed to publishing the 12-volume encyclopedia in 1975-1987.
In 1986-1989, R. Metreveli served as the Rector of the Alexander Pushkin Tbilisi Pedagogical Institute (at present – Ilia State University) and from November 1, 1988 – as an academic-secretary of the Social Sciences Department of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. During the same period he became a member of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences.
On October 14, 1991, Roin Metreveli was appointed the Acting Rector of the Tbilisi State University. Through his efforts, the university regained a status of an independent higher educational institution, which it had lost since 1926.
On April 18, 1992, the Great Scientific Council of TSU elected Roin Metreveli as the Rector. After Petre Melikishvili and Ivane Javakhishvili, Roin Metreveli was the first elected rector. In 1997, Roin Metreveli was reelected on the same post.   
During his tenure, the Faculty of Medicine was restored at the university. On April 25, 1994, the TSU’s Great Council adopted a ‘Concept on University Education’ that implied two-step educational system (bachelor’s and master’s degree programs). Up to 10 scientific-research laboratories, centers, and new departments have been established; international relations with foreign universities have deepened.  
In 1998, under Roin Metreveli’s supervision, the 80th anniversary of the Tbilisi State University was widely celebrated.
Under the leadership of Roin Metreveli, a scientific-research laboratory of Georgian diplomacy was established under the Department of Georgian History. Afterwards, in 1996, the laboratory was transformed into the Research Center for the History of Georgian State and Public Diplomacy. Since 1994, R. Metreveli has been an editor of a yearbook ‘Georgian Diplomacy’ (eight volumes have already been published).
In 1997-1998, R. Metreveli edited and co-authored ‘Georgian Diplomatic Dictionary’ and ‘Essays of the History of Georgian Diplomacy’ both published in two volumes by the Research Centre for the History of Georgian State and Public Diplomacy. The Essays of the History of Georgian Diplomacy provides the history of Georgian diplomatic relations, from the ancient times to present.   
Under the guidance of R. Metreveli, the Department of Georgian History and the Research Center for the History of Georgian State and Public Diplomacy published ‘Ivane Javakhishvili Encyclopedic Dictionary’. It was the first attempt of issuing personal encyclopedia in Georgia. Furthermore, the Department of History published two significant collections: ‘Catholicos-Patriarchs of Georgia’ (Editor-R. Metreveli) and ‘Georgian Kings’ (Editors: R. Metreveli, M. Lortkipanidze).
For his scientific and social activities, Roin Metreveli has been awarded with a number of state prizes and rewards, among them Order of the Red Banner of Labor, Order of the Badge of Honour, Order of Honour, Fridtjof Nansen Award, Golden Cross of Georgian Patriarchate, Georgia State Prize in the field of science, Ivane Javakhishvili and Akaki Tsereteli Prizes, as well as a title - Honored Science Worker of Abkhazia.
Roin Metreveli systematically participates in the world congresses for historians, symposiums and other types of scientific meetings. He is the author of over 150 scientific works.