Rusudan Lortkipanidze

Rusudan Lortkipanidze was born in Tbilisi in 1947. In 1970 she successfully graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Georgian Polytechnic Institute.
Since 1972 Rusudan Lortkipanidze has been a member of the Georgian Union of Architects. From 1975, R. Lortkipanidze worked as a junior research fellow at the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Later in 1981, she became a senior research fellow at the Academy of Sciences. From 1976 R. Lortkipanidze was an associate professor at the Georgian Technical University and from 1993 – a professor at the same university.
In 1989-1991, R. Lortkipanidze undertook doctoral studies at the Moscow Institute of Theory and History of Architecture. In 1993, she defended doctoral dissertation on ‘The Role of Historical Heritage in Modern Italian Architecture’. R. Lortkipanidze was the author of approximately 50 scientific works, among them three monographs. One of her monographs ‘Modern Italian Architecture in 1970-1990’ was published in Rome and received quite positive reviews from Italian architectural journals in 1995. In addition, a number of her works on the issues of modern western and Georgian architecture has been published abroad. R. Lortkipanidze regularly participates in international scientific conferences dedicated to the above mentioned issues.  
In 1982-1983, R. Lortkipanidze was assigned to the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Rome. Since then, Rusudan Lortkipanidze had been undertaking scientific works annually at the Faculty of Architecture of the universities of Rome, Milan, and Venice for several months. Furthermore, in 1995, R. Lortkipanidze was granted the status of ‘Invited Foreign Professor’ at the Sapienza University of Rome and since then, she has been regularly delivering lectures, seminars and introducing Georgian culture at the Sapienza University.
Rusudan Lortkipanidze has been awarded by the Women’s Movement in Italy twice (1987 – San Marino, 1995 – Rome).
In 2002, Rusudan Lortkipanidze was awarded the title of honorable academician of the Roman Angel Academy of Art and the Constantine Academy of Art, Science and Literature.
Rusudan Lortkipanidze also is an honorary member of the Noble Academy in Florence.
From 1998 to October 1, 2004, Rusudan Lortkipanidze served as Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Georgia to the Republic of Italy. During her tenure, she initiated a number of scientific conferences, exhibitions on Georgian culture, history, and religion in Italy. Many special editions were issued regarding these events.
In particular, collection of reports ‘Saint Nino and Georgia – Culture, History, and Arts’ was published in Rome in 1999; an exhibition ‘Georgia – Christian land’ was held at Christmas in 2000; an international exhibition – ‘Christian East’ was held in a town of Trieste; articles of various Georgian scientists have been included in the catalogue; in 2000-2002, four-volume collection of works by Italian and Georgian researchers ‘For the Study of Christian East’ was issued; it was dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Georgian academician – Elene Metreveli; this collection received ‘Constantine and Angels’ award of the Academy of Art, Culture and Science; in 2001, an international symposium on Georgia-Vatican relationships was held; in 2003, an international conference on ‘San Giuseppe dei Teatini Monks in Georgia’ was held at the Palermo University; an exhibition was organized on the sideline of the conference and paintings from unknown collection of Don Christopher De Castell were displayed.
On October 1, 2004 Rusudan Lortkipanidze was appointed the Deputy Rector of the Tbilisi State University. On December 13, 2004, she was elected the 24th Rector of the Tbilisi State University.