Bachelor’s Degree

General Description of Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Law and International Law

The aim of bachelor’s degree programs in law and international law is to prepare specialists meeting the first step requirements of higher education and to equip students with the qualification meeting the national as well as international legal requirements.

Bachelor’s degree program in law and international law, which lasts for four years, implies educational components equivalent to 240 credits.

After graduating the BA program in law and international law

•  Graduates acquire a sound knowledge of their discipline, as well as the knowledge of general legal principles and values, main institutions of the national legal system, material and procedural norms, main characteristics of the national and international legal systems, which is based on general education and serves as the basis for professional development.

•  Graduates are able to act within the framework of lawyer’s ethical norms and social responsibility principles, to put the knowledge into professional context, to search for information from various sources, to analyze and process information in order to solve legal problems.

•  Graduates are able to participate in debates, to understand different points of view and justify their own positions while analyzing legal issues, as well as to identify legally important issues from the facts, to have reasoned discussions and make well-grounded decisions.

•  Graduates have verbal and written communication skills using legal terminology in native and foreign languages; they are able to demonstrate their knowledge both in verbal and written forms, to use information and communication technologies.

•  Graduates are able to expand their education, work on professional development, get updates on legislative changes and refresh their knowledge.


Applicants having passed the unified entry examinations are eligible to study at the bachelor’s degree program.

Students, who meet the requirements of BA program, pay the semester fee during the registration process.

BA program is undertaken using the auditoriums, library and resource center of the Faculty of Law. 


Contents of Bachelor’s Degree Program

Bachelor’s degree program in law and international law specializations consists of a) core and optional  subjects of the basic module and b) optional subjects of the specialization module.

a) Law Specialization

 BA program in law (see appendix #87)

b) International Law Specialization

 Educational program (see appendix #88)