1.    Scientific-Research Institute of Micro and Nanoelectronics
2.    Scientific-Research Institute of Semiconductor Physics
3.    Scientific-Research Institute of Organic Chemistry
4.    Institute of Condensed Matter Physics and Perspective Materials
5.    Institute for the Fundamental Research of Bio-effective Technologies
6.    Institute for Materials Research                                                              
7.    Institute for the Study of the Molecular Mechanisms of Stress              
8.    Institute of Metal-Organic Chemistry                                                               
9.    Center for Electric and Electronic Engineering
10.    Institute for the Study of Nonlinear Phenomena
11.    Institute of Computational Physics                                                                    
12.    Institute of Macro-Molecular Chemistry and Polymeric Materials                   
13.    Institute of Genetics
14.    Institute of Bio-Physics and Bionanosciences                                                          
15.    Institute of Medicine and Applied Bio-Physics                                         
16.    Interdisciplinary Scientific-Research Institute for Applied Ecology
17.    Institute of Physical and Analytical Chemistry
18.    Scientific-Research Institute of Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Compounds and Non-Traditional Materials