Political Science 

Program title:  Political Science 
Program Supervisor: Malkhaz Matsaberidze - Professor 

Program title:    Public Administration and Public Policy
Program Supervisor:  Nana Macharishvili - Associate Professor 

Journalism and Mass Communications

Program title: Mass Communication and Media Studies
Program Supervisors: Manana Shamilishvili - Associate Professor;  Mari  Tsereteli -  Associate Professor

Program title:  Media and New Technology
Program Supervisor:  Dali Osepashvili - Associate Professor 

International Relations

Program title: Diplomacy and International Politics
Program Supervisor:  Eka Akobia- Associate Professor 

Program title:  Nationalism and Ethnicity Studies  
Program Supervisor: Zurab Davitashvili - Professor of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Head of International Relations Department. 

Program title:  Eurasian and Caucasian Studies
Program Supervisors:  Stephen F. Jones - Mount Holyoke College, USA, Pikria Asanishvili - Associate Professor 

Human Geography

Program title:  Human Geography 
Program Supervisor: Giorgi Gogsadze - Professor 
Program title: Demography and Population Geography
Program Supervisors: Revaz Gachechiladze-  Professor; Vaja Lortkipanidze - Professor 

Sociology / Social Work

Program title: Sociology
Program title: Iago Kachkachishvili  - Professor 

Program title: Social Work                                                                                                                                      
Program Supervisor:  Lauri Leppik 

Program title: European Integration and Employment relations, EIGER
Program Supervisors: Iago Kachkachishvili- - Professor,  Kakha Shengelia  - Professor 

International / Interdisciplinary Program 

Program title:  Gender Studies
Program Supervisor: Tamar Sabedashvili - Associate Professor

Program title: Conflict Analysis and   Management
Program Supervisors: Guguli Magradze -  Professor; Revaz Jorbenadze- Professor

Program title: Organization Development and Consulting
Program Supervisor: Nodar Belkania- - Professor;  Friedrich Glasl