Project Title: Internationalization in Central Asia and Eastern Neighboring Area (acronym-ICAEN)
Project Number: 516663-TEMPUS-1-2011-1-ES-TEMPUS.SMGR
Coordinator: University of Seville (Spain)
Project Partners: University of Seville (Spain), Inholland University of Applied Sciences (the Netherlands), Herriot-Watt University (the UK), Haute Ecole Charlemagne (Belgium), Belarus State Economics University (Belarus), Belarusian Trade & Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives (Belarus), Tbilisi State University (Georgia), Gori Teaching University (Georgia),Tajik State University of Commerce (Tajikistan), Tajik Technical University (Tajikistan), Ministry of Education (Belarus), Ministry of Education and Science (Georgia), Ministry of Education (Tajikistan), Assoc. Internat. des Étudiants en Sciences Économ. et Commerc. José Enrique García Rizo

  • To build up capacities of the partner countries HEIs for international cooperation and thus to contribute to better international networking, enhancement & better exploitation of their potentials.
  • To improve through internationalisation in the countries involved, teaching and learning, management, research and innovation.
  • Benchmarking of potentials & development of national recommendations for internationalisation of Teaching, Learning & Research in 3 PC;
  • Enhancement of strategic, human & infrastructural capacities for the management of International Relations in 6 PC HEIs as a role model for the modernization & development of institutional frameworks for Intern. Relations in BY-GE-TJ;
  • Development of a multi-regional network as a platform for a regular dialogue & identification & exploitation of synergies in shaping IR in HEIs in Central Asia & ENA.
  • To train staff in all necessary aspects of internationalisation
  • To provide appropiate dissemination and sustainability

Work Packages
I. Policy & Strategic Planning of Internationalization in HEIsHuman Capacity Building
II. Human Capacity BuiIding - International Relations Staff
III. Development of potentials in Teaching/Learning/Research. While previous WPs are devoted to institutional, strategic & operational implementation of internationalisation policies & structures at project partner HEIs
IV. Infrastructural Measures
V. Multi-Regional Network for Internationalization
VI. Dissemination
VII. Sustainability
VIII. Quality Control Plan: to ensure that the project delivers high-quality results in a timely manner, the consortium will implement a set of internal & external Quality control & monitoring measures.
An information bulletin№1 of TSUs acitivities within the TEMPUS ICAEN can be downloaded here
An information bulletin№2 of TSUs acitivities within the TEMPUS ICAEN can be downloaded here

Department of Foreign Relations is the institutional coordinator and the main implementer of the project at TSU.
For more information, please contact project staff: 
Tea Gergedava: tea.gergedava@tsu.ge