The history of Ivane Javakhishvili State University Library starts from the beginning of the establishment of the University. Library’s book depository includes books on contemporary science, textbooks and fiction as well as ancient publications. At present there are more than million library documents in the foundation. The University Library provides the reader with different periodicals and international electronic database on science and education.

For an easy search of the literature there is an electronic catalogue of the library documents and the relevant technological information basis, where they keep electronic resources necessary for educational and scientific activities. Except books and journals/newspapers, the readers can use electronic versions of dictionaries, dissertations and audio books. The library has an access to an important information and international scientific database of the world: ScienceDirect (,  EBSCO Econlit ( ), ECONBiz ( full-text DB in economics) , ), Jstor ( multisubject full-text DB, ), HINARI (Health Access to Research Initiative , AGORA (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN ), ARDI (Research for Development and Innovation ), OARE (Research in the Environment ), GOALI (Global Online Access to Legal Information ), England Journal of Medicine ( ), BioOne ( ),. ECD-Library (, Cambridge Journals Online ( ). .

The databases are fully accessible within the university space. Access outside of the university is possible for the readers who have the university’s e-mail. E-mail can be obtained at the Department of information technologies and operations management.

Each of the databases have electronic terms of use, instruction on mastering search tools and their use in practice.

The library also has the digital resource, in the form of CD, DVD and audio video. The University Library earns all the necessary literature of different specialties.

Our priority is to establish digital library, to buy contemporary literature, to provide uninterrupted access for readers with diverse interests, maximum assistance to the process of education and research, constant monitoring of internet resources oriented on new information, diverse and quality electronic resources.