The Tbilisi State University’s museum is a cultural-educational and scientific structural unit, which was established by the decision of the University’s Council of Representatives in 2008.
The museum unites 7 foundations which existed as independent units before 2008.

The aim of the museum is to carry out museum, exhibition, cultural, educational and scientific activities as well as to develop and pursue museum educational policy.
The main activities of the museum are to search for and preserve museum exhibits, as well as to exhibit, optimize, restore and make up an inventory of museum collections. The museum is also responsible for studying and researching the acquired materials. The museum is open to the visitors as well as to anyone interested in studying the preserved materials.
The museum already offers ongoing expositions of the Emigration and Zoology Foundations. In the near future, the TSU Museum intends to display the exhibits preserved at the History, Archeology, Paleontology and Mineralogy Foundations.