History of TSU Newspaper ‘Tbilisis Universiteti’

The newspaper Tbilisis Universiteti (Tbilisi University) was founded in 1927, in the ninth year of establishment of the Tbilisi State University. Initially it was called Tfilisis Universiteti with Professor Akaki Shanidze becoming its first editor.       
In 1928 the newspaper was renamed The Voice of Proletarian Students. In the late 1930s, the newspaper was again renamed – this time it got the name For the Bolshevik Personnel. Although it is quite obvious from the newspaper name what kind of spirit and orientation it should have, the newspaper still managed to act as a chronicler of the university life.
During the Great Patriotic War the newspaper periodicity changed significantly. Although with delays, it was still being published. Alexander Janelidze was the newspaper editor by then. During hard times the TSU newspaper stopped publication that continued for many years.
In May 1951, as a result of huge efforts made by Academician Niko Ketskhoveli, then rector of the university, the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party issued a decree on renewed publication of a large circulation newspaper of the Tbilisi State University. The same decree defined the format, periodicity, circulation and name of the newspaper. So, the newspaper was named The Young Stalinist.       
The newspaper Young Stalinist was a publication of the rectorate, party committee, young communist league (Komsomol) and trade unions with a slogan flaunting on its front page “Proletarians of All Countries, Unite!” Hence, naturally the newspaper was basically highlighting the achievements and successes of the university as well as publishing the major instructions of superior bodies concerning our higher educational institutions. But if you glance over the newspapers of that period, you will clearly see that sometimes critical materials were also prepared for the newspaper.
Zaur Bolkvadze was the rector of the university for a short period of time; he was replaced by Zaal Zhvania. By then, the newspaper had the following permanent rubrics: “In the Party Committee”; “In the Rectorate”; “Life of Trade Unions”; “Komsomol Life”; Our Excellent Pupils”; “University to Industry”; “For Model Order at the University”; “Our Follow-up”. It also published crosswords.
The first colored-ink edition (in two colors, red and black) was published on November 5, 1967, which was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The editorial staff was trying to disseminate the newspaper through the agreement with the governmental bodies, university faculties, and departments. It was sold in the hall of the first building and was also issued by subscription.
In 1977 Givi Shekiladze was appointed the editor of the newspaper, who served on this position for 29 years. New rubrics appeared in the newspaper, such as “News from Faculties”; “The World is Laughing”; “Among the Young Writers”; “Our Guests”; “Sport Chronicle”; “Literature Page”; “New Books”; “Friendship Meridians”; “The Door to Nature”; “This is Interesting”, etc.  
In different periods the following persons were actively involved in the newspaper’s editorial activities: Levan Menabde, Solomon Khutsishvili, Tengiz Buachidze, Nodar Chkheidze, Nugzar Popkhadze, Nia Abesadze, Archil Janashvili, Revaz Zhordania, Jondo Sharikadze, Levan Zhizhiashvili, Mariam Lortkipanidze, Giorgi Shalamberidze, Mamia Ebralidze, Nodar Tabidze, Dali Chikviladze, Teimuraz Maglaperidze, Otar Bakanidze, Nomadi Bartaia, Revaz Siradze, Griver Parulava, Shukia Apridonidze, Vakhtang Guruli, Giorgi (Asana) Nadiradze, Gaga Shurgaia, Elguja Khintibidze, Rismag Gordeziani, Teimuraz Panjikidze, Zaur Medzvelia, Hamlet Meladze and others.
Those generations of journalists, who were undergoing their studies at the TSU Faculty of Journalism, have gained their first experience in the newspaper Tbilisis Universiteti in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Among them there were: Armaz Saneblidze, Paata Natsvlishvili, Gvanji Mania, Jumber Titmeria, Omar Shurgaia, Nargiza Mgeladze, Nato Korsantia, Lasha Gvakharia, Spartak Kobulia, Valerian Mardaleishvili, Hamlet Gurgenidze, Vasil Kasradze, Zurab Skhvediani and others.        
The following famous persons have published their first works in Tbilisis Universiteti: Nodar Dumbadze, Tamaz Chiladze and Otar Chiladze, Zaur Bolkvadze, Vakhtang Javakhadze, Lia Sturua, Tamar Javakhishvili, Tariel Chanturia, Emzar Kvitaishvili, Mukhran Machavariani, Givi Gegechkori, Merab Eliozishvili, Raul Chilachava, Givi Alkhazishvili and others.
Since June 2006 the newspaper Tbilisis University has a new, modern design and provides its readers with absolutely modified thematic materials. Journalist Nino Kakulia is the editor of the newspaper.