Nino Okribelashvili

Nino Okribelashvili

Date of Birth: 09 Sep 1961

George Washington University, Washington DC.  Research Program in Social and Organizational Learning
Junior Faculty Development Program  (Funded by the USA Department of State, coordinated by ACCELS/ACTR)
1999 - Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) Tbilisi, Georgia
Doctor of Medical Sciences (ScD) 
1990 - TSMU Tbilisi, Georgia
Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD) 
1984-1986 - TSMU Tbilisi, Georgia
Postgraduate Education, Department of Psychiatry, Qualification of Psychiatrist
TSMU Tbilisi, Georgia
Undergraduate Medical Education 

Professional development:
“Assurance Qualite des Programmes de Master et de Doctoral” AUF. Tbilisi, Georgia.
Health System Management - organized by OPM, administered by GUSS, Tbilisi, Georgia
Management of Traditional Chinese Medicine for Developing Countries - Ministry of Commerce, Beijing, PRC
Pension Reform – Building sustainable solutions (I - II steps) – International Training program (Coordinated by BICON/SIDA in Stockholm, Sweden and Kiev, Ukraine)
Workshop on Social Safety Net, USAID/World Learning, Likani, Georgia
Advanced Training Course for Planners and Managers of Higher Education Institutions, (Coordinated by International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management/UNESCO) Bakuriani, Georgia
Alberto Vilar Medical Internship Program - OSI- American-Austrian Foundation, Vienna, Austria
Salzburg-Cornell Seminar on Psychiatry - AAF-OSI, Salzburg, Austria
International Training Seminar on Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors, Copenhagen, Denmark (Sponsored by RCT/IRCT)


Work experience:
Since 2019 to present  -Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Vice Rector for Research
2016-2019  - Member of Academic Council
2014-2016/  01/08/12 to present -Member of Representative Council
Professor, Head of Chair of Psychiatry & Medical Psychology
05/10/15 to present  -Center for Mental Health and Prevention of Addiction Ltd
Deputy General Director by Science
07/11 -09/15 -Refferal Hospital Unimed-Kakheti Ltd
Head of MH Department
07/07-03/09  - Health and Social Programs Agency of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
Advisor to Director 
06/04-02/07 -State United Social Insurance Fund of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
Chairperson of the Supervising Council
2004 -Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs of Georgia, Tbilisi, Georgia
Deputy Minister
1995-2010 -Research Institute of Psychiatry, Tbilisi, Georgia
Scientific Director 

Main  publications:

1. Interdisciplinary collaboration in Practice; The Georgia Process and Model (2018) Halbreich U., Chkonia E., Okribelashvili N., Karosanidze I , Goginashvili K. in book: Advances in Psychiatry edited by Afzal Javed, Kostas N. Fountoulakis Edition: Springer, 2019 pp.267-278 
2. Culture and prevalence of hallucinations in schizophrenia - Bauer, S.M., Schanda, H., Karakula, H., Olajossy- Hilkesberger, L., Rudaleviciene, P., Okribelashvili, N., Chaudhry, H.R., Idemudia, E.E., Gscheider, S., Ritter, K., Stompe, T. - Comprehensive Psychiatry. [Oxford] : Elsevier Science. ISSN 0010-440X. Vol. 52, iss. 3 (2011), p. 319-325.
3. Traumatization & Forcible Migration: Past Experience & Future Challenges (Impact of the 2008 Russia–Georgia War)” – 2009 - Proceedings in report of NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) 2009 "Returnees and the social reconstruction of communities affected by armed conflicts” pp.59-61 
4. Suicide motives and culture - degree of modernisation, response behavior and acceptance – 2008 - Ritter, K., Chaudhry, HR., Idemudia, S.E., Karakula, H., Okribelashvili, N., Rudaleviciene, P., Stompe, T - World Cultural Psychiatry Research Review (2008) - Vol. 3, N. 2, pp.69-76
5.  The psychological aspects of burning mouth syndrome - Kenchadze R.,  Iverieli M., Okribelashvili N., Geladze N., Khachapuridze N. Georgian Med News, 2011 May ;(194):24-8 21685517
6. War Related Stress –Naneishvili G., Okribelashvili N., Gigolashvili K. - in: “Novel Approaches To The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder” M.J. Roy (Ed.) IOS Press, 2006 pp.264-268 ISSN: 1574-5597

Involvement in public activities:
Chairperson, Union of Georgian Medical Associations
Secretary General, Georgian Society of Psychiatrists
Member, World Association on Dual Disorders 
Alumni of JFDP
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