Georgian is the official language of Georgia. More than 6 million people consider it their native language (4 million out of them are Georgian citizens). Beyond Georgian boundaries, the language is widely spread in Azerbaijan (Saingilo), Iran (Fereydan, the province of Ispahan), Turkey (Imerkhevi) and Russia (Soch, Vladikavkaz, Khizlar-Mozdok).

The Georgian language (together with Megrelian and Svan languages) belongs to Kartvelian language family (also known as South Caucasian Languages), revealing historical-genetic relations with other Caucasian languages.

Georgian literary (standardized writing) language and verbal speech (the so called public language) are singled out in contemporary Georgian language. Kartlian, Meskhetian-Javakhian, Kakhetian, Kizikhian, Ingilo, Fereydan, Pshavian, Mokhevian, Khevsurian, Mtiuletian, Tush, Kizlar-Mozdok, Soch (Soch-Plastunkur), Imerkhevian, Acharian, Imeretian, Gurian, Lechkhumian represent the dialectical varieties of Georgian.

Tbilisi State University is one of the first leading scientific centres where the scientific researches of the Georgian language were initiated. The works in this direction are still in progress. In the research process the priority was given to the examination of methodological and practical aspects of the Georgian language teaching as a native and foreign language. The authors of the recently elaborated text-books are the members of the University academic staff who are both lecturing and giving practical classes at present.  The Centre provides the students with the audio-visual materials.

It is important for foreign residents of Georgia to study the Georgian Language to communicate and integrate into the Georgian society. Sometimes they need to know Georgian for their professional activities. Regarding the students, Georgian is the working language at Tbilisi State University that means it is necessary for the students to know the Georgian language to achieve their academic goals. The Centre provides students with the teachers who can deliver Georgian language classes using the English, Turkish, and Russian languages for instruction. Long- existing tradition in the University of teaching Georgian to foreign students, their qualification and experience makes the Language Centre an attractive place for those who wish to study languages.

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