Information for new arrivals

Visa Information for Foreign Nationals

The citizens of the following countries are eligible to stay in Georgia for up to 360 days without a visa.
1.    EU member states; Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the UK) overseas territories under its jurisdiction- Bermuda Islands, Cayman Islands, British Virginia Islands, Falkland Islands, Turk and Caicos Islands, and Gibraltar; The territories of Jersey and Guernsey (collectively known as the Channel Islands), and the Isle of Man,  under the sovereignty of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland; The following territories of Denmark – Faroe Island and Greenland; The following territories of the Netherlands- Aruba and Antilles Islands; The French territories of Polonaise and New Caledon.  
2.    The United States
3.    Canada
4.    Japan
5.    Swiss Confederation
6.    Liechtenstein
7.    Israel
8.    Norway
9.    Vatican
10.   Andorra
11.   Republic of San-Marino
12.   Republic of Island
13.   The United Arab Emirates
14.   Kuwait
15.   Republic of Korea
16.   Qatar
17.   Bahrain
18.   Oman Sultanate
19.   Brunei-Darussalam
20.   Singapore
21.   Australian Commonwealth
22.   Barbados
23.   Monaco
24.   New Zealand
25.   Commonwealth of Bahamas Islands
26.   Antigua and Barbuda
27.   Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
28.   Seashell Islands
29.   Republic of Botswana
30.   Republic of Croatia
31.   Republic of Chili
32.   Federation of Saint-Kits and Nevis
33.   Republic of Argentina
34.   Malaysian Federation
35.   Mexico
36.   Eastern Republic of Uruguay  
37.   Republic of Mauriac
38.   Republic of Panama
39.   Republic of Costa-Rica
40.   Republic of South Africa
41.   Brazil
42.   Thailand
43.   Belize
44.   Saudi Arabia

Health Insurance
International students interested in insurance in Georgia can obtain detailed information  from the International Insurance Company  ,,IMEDI-L''.

Contact person: Eka Ergemlidze
cell: (+995 95) 305 705
office: (+995 32 )250 088; (+995 32) 251 188
Address: 20,  Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue

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